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Welding & forging

We carry out all types of forging and welding, e.g.:

  • Rolling 
    We offer rolling in a wide range of materials and we have an in-depth knowledge of rolling methods and the quality of material.

  • Welding
    Through our many cooperative partners we may offer standard welding processes as well as welding in robot and automate installations.

  • Bending
    Likewise, we have access to special bending tools and we perform all types of bending work. Among other things, plastic guide bars to make sure that the process does result in bend marks.

  • Laser cutting
    We offer processing and laser cutting at a high level with clear-cut accuracy. We handle all types of plate sizes and tasks.

  • Sawing aluminium profiles
    At Alufittings you may also have aluminium profiles that need to be cut in bevel shortened. The work is always performed accurately so no deviations occur.